Bringing Beautiful Home Gardens Within Reach

Are you Tired?


Tired of Pulling Weeds?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend this summer enjoying your gardens rather than maintaining them? Imagine a garden that only ever needs to be tilled once and never has to be weeded.


Tired of Mulching?

Not only is the Garden Tarp a more effective ground cover, you no longer have to re-mulch every year!


Tired of Wasting Water?

Traditional watering methods, such as sprinklers, lose as much as 50% of water to evaporation. What water is left upon reaching the plants is delivered to the leaves rather than to the roots where it is needed.

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Tired of Disappointment?

We can’t do anything about your love life. But if you’re tired of working hard every spring for disappointing results in your garden, we’re here to help. Black thumb be gone!

Introducing the Garden Tarp

The US Made, Impermeable Weed Barrier with Built-In Irrigation for Low Maintenance Gardening


 Did you know?

The majority of diseases that affect tomato plants come from the ground. Rather than being contracted through the roots, these diseases are introduced when rain water splashes the dirt up onto the leaves. This is a primary reason why effective ground cover is one of the most important parts of growing healthy tomato plants year after year.



Made in the U.S.A.

Every garden tarp is manufactured by hand at our shop in Kansas City, Missouri. This ensures every tarp arrives to our customer’s door step with the highest level of quality possible. Every tarp is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and will last for multiple seasons.

 The Advantages are Endless

  • The tarp softens the impact of falling rain water when it hits the ground. This means the dirt under the tarp stays loose all season and promotes healthy root growth! It also means there is no need to buy and maintain expensive tilling equipment.

  • Garden Tarps are equally as beneficial to floral gardens as they are to vegetable gardens!

  • In drought prone areas, significantly less watering is required because the Garden Tarp prevents the water from evaporating during hot summer days

  • In rain prone areas, water is shed from the garden by the tarp. This prevents over-saturation and allows garden access without tromping through the mud.

  • In cooler climates, the tarp warms the ground and traps in heat during cool nights. This extends the growing season earlier into spring and later into fall.

  • The garden tarp system couples easily with a garden hose water-timer. This means you can come home from summer vacations to a weed free and watered garden.

  • Gardening is one of the most health-conscious and environmentally friendly hobbies available to nearly everyone. It is also a hobby who’s knowledge, experiences, and passion, truly last a lifetime.

Already Planted Your Garden for This Year? 

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Two Green Thumbs Are Better Than One

Born and raised in Missouri, Mark began learning to grow plants at a young age working at his uncle’s truck garden. This instilled a lifelong passion for gardening. So much so, that when building the new family home, the garden was planted and ready before the house was! His passion was passed down to his three children who learned to value the rewards of hard work and the unmatched flavor of homegrown produce.