How large are the pockets?

All garden tarps come pre-fabricated with 2”x 6” hemmed pockets. Coupled with the flexibility of the tarp, these holes can accommodate up to a 5” diameter plant.

Can I plant seeds in the garden tarp?

Absolutely! Vegetables like cucumbers, squash, watermelon, and the like, are often started by placing a few seeds about 3/4” under the soil in the appropriately spaced pockets. Even if the sprouts come up towards the side of the pocket, they quickly find their way towards the sunlight in the center.

What to do if a plant in your floral pattern dies?

When initially planting your Garden Tarp it is a good idea to keep a few extra plants in pots for at least a few weeks. This way, if a plant dies, you can easily pull the dead plant and replace it with a healthy one!

What do I do with the tarp at the end of the season?

At the end of season, clear the plants from the top of the garden tarp. Wash off the tarp and let dry before rolling to store for the winter.

Any other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us page, or by email: support@gardentarp.com